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To live in the Ville de Saint-Lambert is to benefit from all the charms of country living in an urban setting. The city’s trees, flower gardens, and charming and well-maintained houses all contribute to making our municipality an attractive, sought-after place to live.

Each one of us plays a role in preserving the benefits of this unique environment. While modern equipment has made our lives easier, the noise it generates can disturb the tranquility of our neighbourhoods. As well, some plants can be harmful, especially to children, and certain visual nuisances can also pollute our environment. In light of these concerns, it is important that everyone keep their property free from those things that are liable to have a detrimental effect on the daily lives of their neighbours.

The City has adopted a nuisance by-law to protect the quality of life of all its citizens.


To avoid certain health problems that many people suffer from during the summer months, weeds, especially ragweed and poison ivy, must be pulled up and destroyed regularly.

Ragweed grows just about everywhere in urban settings. It causes thousands of people (10% of the population) to suffer from hay fever every summer.

Characteristics: An annual plant with grayish green foliage, ragweed flowers in August and September. Therefore it is important to pull it up in July, before it can flower. It grows well in poor quality soil in disturbed areas. In the spring, re-seed the bare patches in your lawn to prevent it from growing there.

Poison ivy can cause a severe skin rash. You must never pull it up with your bare hands.

Characteristics: It is a compound leaf with three smooth and sometimes shiny leaflets that grow on a woody stem.

Don’t forget: lawns, weeds, and undergrowth must not be allowed to grow higher than 20 cm (8 in.) and must be cut regularly.


The maximum level of noise permitted is 50 decibels, which is equivalent to the human voice.


  • At all times and in all circumstances, whether indoors or outdoors, in private or in public, any noise that exceeds 50 decibels from any source (sound system, television, fan, air conditioner, heat pump, power tool, hand tool, etc.) will not be tolerated, unless otherwise allowed for in the by-law.
  • In the case of a heat pump, there are many ways to reduce the noise level, including, among others, building a buffering wall (out of brick, for example) around it, insulating the compressor, installing a sound barrier of hedges or bushes, reducing the speed, or installing the device underground.
  • It is forbidden to do any construction work outdoors and indoors (when noisy), to use a leaf blower or to mow your lawn with a motor lawn mower on Sundays and between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. every day.


It is forbidden to deposit, or to allow to be deposited, snow or ice on the sidewalk, into the street, in a park, on public land, on a public place, into water or watercourses belonging to the municipality, or within 3 m (9.9 ft.) of a fire hydrant.

It should also be noted that companies that remove snow from private properties are bound by the same regulations. 


To avoid danger to the public, it is forbidden to project a beam of light beyond the limits of the land on which the fixture is located. 


Compost and organic material must be collected inside a container designed for that purpose. No toxic material, meat scraps, fat, or animal excrement may be placed in this container.

The container must be stored our of sight of passers-by, in a location that is not visible from the street and that is more than 2 m (6.6 ft.) from any property line.


A vehicle may not be left on concrete blocks or on any other type of support.

It is forbidden to strip a motor vehicle anywhere other than in areas where this activity is expressly authorized through a town planning by-law. 


Household garbage must be kept out of sight of passers-by. It may be placed at the curb the eve of collection day after 7 p.m. 


Trees are an important natural asset for our city, and to preserve them, it is important to know how to maintain them. It is said that trees can represent up to 30% of the value of a property!


  • Before pruning a tree, it is advisable to obtain information from the city concerning the rules to follow. For example, did you know that it is forbidden to cut more than 25% of the crown of a tree? Or that topping damages mature trees?
  • Before carrying out any work that could cause damage to a tree, you must check with the city and take all the necessary precautions to protect the tree

Please refer to the By-laws page to know all the provisions of the urban planning by-laws in force on the territory of the Ville de Saint-Lambert.