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Today, reducing waste, increasing recycling, not letting our car motor idle when the vehicle is stopped, and turning off the water when we brush our teeth are more than good choices; they are social and, sometimes, even legal obligations.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert has always been extremely proactive when it comes to preserving the environment. Among other things, it was one of the first cities in Quebec to introduce the blue bin recycling program in 1986, with its Albert campaign. And it continued on this path when it adopted its sustainable development plan in May 2012, which, in tandem with its action plan, serves as a management framework on which to base its sustainable urban development in the years ahead.

Collectively, we have an obligation towards responsible development. We should benefit from our environment and also meet our needs, however, without compromising the quality of life of future generations.

Green squad

The Ville de Saint-Lambert sets up a green squad during the summer, according to one of the goals set out in the sustainable development plan. The green squad patrols the streets of the city with the mission of raising residents’ awareness of various environmental issues and to encourage people to adopt greener lifestyles. To reach them50 466-3889, ext. 3008, or

The Info-environment line is also activated in the summer so you can get answers to all your environment-related questions. The number to call is 450 466-3199.