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Resident's card

B-CITI cardWith the arrival of B-CITI, the resident's card is going digital! This card will allow you to:

  • Sign up for or renew your memberships in B-CITI, without having to show up in person
  • Use your card with optical readers, such as the library’s self-service kiosks
  • View the activities of the members linked to your account
  • Consolidate and get easier access to certain municipal services online.

Each family member must obtain his or her own card. If all your family members have a B-CITI account linked to a resident’s card, you can group all the digital cards together and use them from the same mobile device. This feature will allow you to avoid having to carry around several cards or losing them.

The resident's card and a valid recreational activities membership is mandatory to register for recreational activities online

To obtain your resident’s card, you must: 

1. I have my laminated resident’s card (even if it has expired)

Create a B-CITI account or log in to your B-CITI account, then link your resident’s card to your account.

2. I don’t have a resident’s card

Create a B-CITI account or log in to your B-CITI account and then apply for a resident’s card. You will then have to come to City Hall, the recreation centre or the library with a piece of identification and a proof of residence.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Come to the recreation centre or the library. A staff member will be able to print a resident’s card for you for the cost of $10. Like the digital card, it will contain your name, membership number, a bar code and your memberships, including their expiry dates.

Recreational activities membership

  • The recreational activities membership is valid for 24 consecutive months, including the month it was acquired, for residents and for non-residents.
  • To register for a recreational activity, your membership must be valid.
  • To get this membership or to renew it, you will be required to connect to B-CITI. In order to complete any membership process, you will need to provide a credit card number, even if it is free. No credit card numbers will be saved.