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After the home and the workplace or school, the municipal library is seeking to become an anchor of community life, a place where people can read, work and socialize while enjoying access to quality information in an atmosphere that facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. With its modern upgrades, it also provides a relaxing environment that showcases and promotes culture and reading. 

Vast collections

Above all, the library is a constantly growing collection of materials, with over 98,000 items in its holdings. In addition to books, it includes journals and magazines, music CDs, and DVDs of television series and documentaries, not to mention a wealth of other items. For several years now, it has also offered digital resources (including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, etc.) that you can consult whenever you want and wherever you are! 

Online catalogue

In a user-friendly environment, you can easily consult your file, personalize your profile, reserve documents, borrow digital books, access certain other digital resources, and much more with the online catalogue

The platform also provides a veritable showcase for the numerous collections, resources and services offered at the library. In a flash, you can find out about the latest additions and check the availability of the latest novel by your favourite writer. And, with the What to read, watch or listen to section, you can get new ideas thanks to the various suggestions made by the library team. 

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Discover your library

The Ville de Saint-Lambert gives you the opportunity to discover or rediscover your library through a series of videos. Through pictures and testimonials, you will be able to explore this “third space” (after the home and the workplace) and to pay tribute to its essential role in the community.

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