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The Ville de Saint-Lambert relaunches its campaign on respect in the workplace

Friday 18 March 2022

Visuel campagne

With the re-opening of its facilities and the resumption of all its services, the Ville de Saint-Lambert is taking the opportunity to relaunch its campaign on respect in the workplace.

it is the ideal time, as activities resume, to remind both users and employees of the importance of respect and courtesy during their interactions. Whether someone is unhappy with a service rendered or becomes overly competitive during a sports activity, nothing justifies showing impatience or disrespect toward another person.

Over the next few weeks, the City will publish various news capsules focussed on the following messages:

  • “Avec le sourire, nous vous répondrons avec plaisir” [just smile and we’ll be happy to serve you] for user-employee relations;
  •  “Avec le sourire, vous aurez du plaisir” [smiling is contagious] for relations between users.

The City puts the notion of respect centre-stage in this campaign, and reaffirms its determination to denounce any aggressive or disrespectful behaviours in both the workplace and the activities it offers. The City wishes to ensure a pleasant environment at all times where activities can run smoothly.

This campaign is intended to remind us that everyone has a role to play in creating a harmonious environment and that we all benefit. This kind of atmosphere allows employees to be more productive and to provide residents with better services, while allowing users to fully enjoy the services offered.

The campaign fits in directly with the City’s Politique concernant le harcèlement et la violence en milieu de travail [policy on harassment and violence in the workplace]. This policy was adopted with the aim of eliminating all forms of harassment by promoting respect for people and by protecting their dignity and their physical and psychological well-being.