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The Ville de Saint-Lambert has closed its city hall until further notice

Friday 1 April 2022

Due to the age of some of its buildings, the Ville de Saint-Lambert regularly conducts air quality tests to ensure the safety of its employees and visitors. It should be noted that there have been several incidents of damage and water infiltration at City Hall over the past few years, and, more specifically, in the last few weeks. Following the latest results received for City Hall, the City has decided to close the building until further notice.

The tests revealed the presence of certain moulds in the air in higher proportions than normally found in outdoor air. Under such circumstances, the City has an obligation to take preventive measures to protect the health of its employees and those who use the building. 

The management committee is already working on a temporary relocation plan for the affected employees. The committee will also ensure that the necessary measures are taken to limit the impact of this closure on services to citizens.

The main services affected are:

  • Building and renovation permits
  • Pet licences
  • Dog run access cards
  • Tax payments
  • Life certificates and oaths
  • “Accès 65 hors pointe” transit passes

Until they are relocated, services will continue to be provided remotely. Citizens can reach the usual personnel directly by email or phone, or by contacting the reception desk at 450-672-4444 or