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Saint-Lambert’s elected municipal officers take part in the public consultation on the development of the Saint-Hubert airport

Thursday 26 May 2022

Saint-Lambert’s elected municipal officers, represented by councillors Claude Ferguson and Alexandrine Lamoureux-Salvas, took part in the public consultation on the Saint-Hubert airport. They are aware that possible future development of the airport is causing concern among Saint-Lambert residents  due to the numerous disturbances they have already experienced in relation to the airport’s activities.

“First and foremost, thank you for hearing us. The issue of the development of the Saint-Hubert airport is causing anxiety and dismay in our community, and we are pleased to be able to share our reality and some comments with you. A very special thanks goes to Denis Trudel, Member of Parliament for Longueuil and Saint-Hubert, and the mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, for having organized these consultations. These consultations are vital in the current context, and we are grateful to them for their initiative,” specified the elected officers at the beginning of their address.

They took the opportunity to talk about the major disturbances experienced by Saint-Lambert’s residents since recent changes were made in the airport’s activities, particularly the new Helicraft flight paths and the Chrono Aviation air traffic.

“Our relationship with the Saint-Hubert airport, from 1927 until very recently, has been a calm one: there was nothing to say. The movements of Cessnas and other similar carriers were never bothersome. We are well aware that regional flights from Saint-Hubert are essential to the vitality of communities in various regions of Québec, and have nothing to add about these operations, whose noise and frequency are totally reasonable,” they specified.

Saint-Lambert’s elected officers concluded their address with comments about the airport’s future development: “We understand that in the past few weeks some progress may have been made with the parties involved in an effort to find solutions to the noise issues, particularly by introducing a curfew as of 2024. However, we still maintain that these examples reflect what we can come to expect in the event of the airport’s development, as well as what the impact might be on our health and our community’s biodiversity. Nevertheless, based on our occupation of a densely populated community for more than 60 years, allow us to restate our position: the residents of Saint-Lambert are nowhere near the Saint-Hubert airport. Rather, it is the airport that is creating unreasonable noise levels by introducing new flight paths over our heads. The question is to find out whether the development of the Saint-Hubert airport is socially acceptable. For Saint-Lambert, the answer is crystal clear: we say a resounding no to this type of development.”

The brief filed (in French) at the public consultation can be viewed.