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The mayor of Saint-Lambert explains some of Saint-Lambert's 2022 budget decisions

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Notre mairesse, Pascale Mongrain

Saint-Lambert Mayor Pascale Mongrain would like to explain the reasoning behind certain decisions regarding adjustments to the budget for organizations adopted by City Council for 2022.

The reduction in grants to organizations applies mainly to two of them. First, the Corporation for the Economic Development (CDE) of Saint-Lambert, which received $300,000 annually from the City.

“According to the merchants themselves, the CDE’s business model no longer corresponded to what they wanted, and its governance was creating confusion and redundancy. There was a consensus between the CDE and the City that we needed to shift to a new model, which would see merchants contribute time and money to a plan to promote and market commercial activity in Saint-Lambert, while being supported by the City. We have invited the CDE to take the next few months to define this new model, with the merchants, and to present it to us so that we can continue working together to stimulate the economic vitality of our city,” explained Mayor Mongrain.

The second is Festival Classica. However, as the Mayor noted, “We are in full compliance with our contractual commitments  for the years 2019 to 2022 inclusive. The contract allows for adjustments to the annual grant in certain circumstances, and these adjustments can only be calculated after the grants are paid out once Classica's financial statements are produced. We are therefore adhering to the contract in calculating the amount due, which is much less than the estimated $202,000 originally provided, given these adjustments.”

No other grants have been reduced for 2022. In fact, the overall budget for recognized organizations has been maintained. City Council plans to allocate this budget envelope in early 2022 based on the various requests received by the Ville de Saint-Lambert and according to the situation and impact of each of these organizations.

“As for municipal services offered to organizations, including Festival Classica and the future business association, we have insisted that they will continue to be made available, as usual, to ensure the maintenance or addition of events or initiatives,” continued Mayor Mongrain.

A budget has also been set aside for the organization of the 2022 Saint-Lambert Days. “We did not change anything for Saint-Lambert Days. If any changes were made, they are a result of the decisions that were taken by the previous council before the November 7 election,” added the mayor. In addition, the Ville de Saint-Lambert will continue, as usual, to organize cultural and recreational activities for the enjoyment of its residents.

“Our city is not abandoning its commitments; it will be there to support its partners despite the difficult financial situation it is currently facing,” concluded Mayor Mongrain.