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In May, leave the dandelions for the bees!

Tuesday 3 May 2022

In may, leave the dandelions for the bees!

Dandelions are rich in pollen and nectar, and their early-spring blooms provide food for hungry bees and other pollinators emerging from hibernation. During the month of May, we encourage you to let dandelions and other wildflowers grow on your property to provide bees with this much needed and easy-to-find food source.

Before you mow your dandelions, consider that bees and other pollinating insects are responsible for pollinating more than one third of the foods we eat. The simple act of letting them be can have a big impact… plus it adds colour to our lives!

As a proud bee-friendly city, the municipality is joining the movement by allowing dandelions to grow on some of its own land. The Ville de Saint-Lambert is committed to preserving these floral resources in its ornamental parks, at least every 2 km2, which is the average foraging range of a bee.

Here is the list of the parks concerned:

  • Renaissance Park
  • Des Maires Park
  • Lorne Park
  • Pas-de-Calais Park
  • Du Limousin Park
  • Du Golf Park
  • Mercille Park
  • De Bretagne Park

An ongoing municipal activity

The Ville de Saint-Lambert is concerned about the plight of bees and has made urban beekeeping part of its regular activities since 2014. Two hives are installed on the roof of the multi-purpose centre.

The City regularly organizes awareness-raising activities centred on this topic, including a workshop on honey extraction and a candle-making activity. The next activity will be a workshop entitled Pollinisateurs et les plantes : une histoire d’amour (in French), on May 12.

To find out more about urban beekeeping, visit the Urban beekeeping project page: