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The Ville de Saint-Lambert adopts by-laws to ensure quality of life, public order, and the harmonious development of its territory. This section includes the by-laws currently in force (or their administrative codification, if they have been amended) that are most frequently applicable in the municipality.

Avoid Problems! 
Before doing any work on your home or property or making any purchases, be sure to obtain all necessary information from the municipal department or office that is responsible for applying the relevant by-law..


This by-law stipulates the obligations of cat and dog owners, the types of domestic animals permitted, how animal control works in Saint-Lambert, and prohibited behaviours with respect to wild animals. For a simplified summary of its main provisions, visit the Animals section.

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Logo PDFCodification administrative du règlement numéro 2010-73 concernant les chats, les chiens et autres animaux (in French only)

Waste collection

The removal of residual materials from Saint-Lambert territory is regulated by several by-laws. A number of rules must be followed in order to benefit from household garbage, recyclable material, and green waste collections. For a simplified summary of the main provisions of these by-laws, visit the Waste Collection section.

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Logo PDFRèglement 2021-189 concernant la gestion des matières résiduelles (in French only)

Potable water

This by-law regulates all the most common uses of potable water (such as lawn watering, air conditioning, and swimming pools) for the purpose of conserving this precious resource in terms of both quantity and quality. For a simplified summary of its main provisions, visit the Potable water page.

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Logo PDFRèglement numéro 2013-104 sur l'usage de l'eau potable (in French only)

Wood-burning fireplaces

This by-law prohibits the use of wood-burning fireplaces when a smog warning is in effect. Smog days are determined using the Air Quality Index (AQI). When the AQI is greater than 50, wood-burning fireplaces can't be used. The City will announce when a ban is in effect through its various communication channels. The ban applies until the warning is lifted. 

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Logo PDFBy-law prohibiting the use of a wood-burning fireplace during a smog event (in French only)

Vehicle engine idling

This by-law limits the idling time permitted for stationary vehicles in order to ensure good air quality and preserve the environment. For a simplified summary of its main provisions, visit the Vehicle engine idling page.

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Logo PDFRèglement numéro 2008-48 concernant la marche au ralenti des véhicules moteur (in French only)


This by-law regulates behaviours that can have an adverse impact on the quality of the living environment. As such, it regulates noise, light, and visual pollution and the storage of hazardous materials, among other things. It also prohibits graffiti and any other inappropriate conduct that disturbs residents. For a simplified summary of the main provisions of this by-law, visit the Environment, Permits and construction, and Transportation and road maintenance sections.

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Logo PDFCodification administrative du règlement numéro 2006-19 concernant les nuisances (in French only)


This by-law stipulates the hours of closure of our municipal parks and the behaviours that are prohibited there. For a simplified summary of its main provisions, visit the Parks and bike paths page.

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Logo PDFRèglement numéro 2304 concernant les parcs (in French only)


The use, application, and types of products containing pesticides are strictly regulated. For a simplified summary of the main provisions of this by-law, visit the Lawn page.

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Logo PDFRèglement numéro 2006-14 concernant l'usage de produits contenant des pesticides (in French only)

Fire prevention

This regulation governs fire prevention standards.

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Logo PDF Règlement sur la prévention incendie (in French only)


Door-to-door sales and any other form of solicitation are regulated on Saint-Lambert territory. Anyone wishing to engage in these types of activities must obtain prior written permission from the City.

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Logo PDFRéglements numéro 2014-121 concernant les colporteurs et les vendeurs itinérants (in French only)

Urban Planning

Land use and development are strictly regulated in our municipality and carefully planned in the urban development plan. This plan provides guidelines for the spatial and physical organization of local land and the municipality’s overall vision of land use.

By means of the related by-laws, the urban development plan thus guides land-use projects as well as political, administrative, and financial decisions that affect the territory.

  • The construction by-law governs the adoption of higher standards than those established by the Québec Building Code or standards related to buildings or features not covered in the Code.
  • The subdivision by-law defines the standards and conditions relative to the subdivision and identification of lots.
  • The permits and certificates by-law sets out the administrative procedures that must be followed to obtain authorization for projects subject to urban planning by-laws.
  • The zoning by-law allows the City to determine the vocation of the land within its boundaries by parcelling it into different zones. For each zone, the by-law determines the use that may be made of the land and buildings, and establishes a framework for the siting, layout, and appearance of structures.
  • The by-law relative to site planning and architectural integration programs (commonly referred to by the French acronym, PIIA) defines the qualitative measures used to evaluate projects. It thereby ensures the City’s control over the quality of siting and architectural integration programs and their harmonization with the built environment.  
  • The by-law relative to minor derogations regulates exceptional applications for authorization of a structure or building that is not compliant with the provisions of the various urban planning by-laws.  

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Logo PDF Plan d'urbanisme : Partie 1, Partie 2, Partie 3 et Annexes (in French only)

Logo PDF Zoning : Codification administrative du règlement de zonage 2008-43Grilles de zonage and Plan de zonage (in French only)

Logo PDF Règlement numéro 2008-44 de lotissement (in French only)

Logo PDF Codification administrative du règlement numéro 2008-45 de construction (in French only)

Logo PDF Codification administrative du règlement numéro 2008-46 sur les permis et certificats (in French only)

Logo PDF Codification administrative du règlement numéro 2234 sur les plans d'implantation et d'intégration architecturale (PIIA) (in French only)

Logo PDF Règlement numéro 2006-08 concernant les dérogations mineures (in French only)

The administrative codification of certain by-laws was prepared solely for the convenience of the reader and has no official sanction. Nor is any warranty made as to its accuracy. For all legal purposes, readers must consult the official version of the by-law and each of its amendments, which are held by the City Clerk’s Office.