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B-CITI is a unique, transactional and interactive smart portal that gives you one-stop online access to a wide range of city services. Via your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can now:

  • Obtain or renew your resident’s card and those of your family members
  • Sign up for or renew your current memberships (swimming pool, tennis, library, etc.) and those of your family members

  • Report a non-urgent problem
  • Give us your opinion by participating in online surveys and consultations
  • Receive mobile and email alerts and news bulletins
  • MManage your profile and those of your family members.

No more running around for all these services! Now you can access them all online from anywhere, at any time of day.

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To benefit from these services, you must create a B-CITI account. You can do this via the web portal or the mobile app. If you do not have an email address or should you need help, feel free to drop by he recreation centre or the library.

Do you already have a B-CITI account with another city?
If you already have a B-CITI account in another city, simply log in to the Saint-Lambert portal using the same email and password. You can also add “Saint-Lambert” as one of your cities on the mobile app.

You do not need to create a new account. In fact, you will not be able to if you use the same email.

visuel de la carte B-CITIDigital resident’s card

With the arrival of B-CITI, the resident's card is going digital! This card will allow you to:

  • Sign up for or renew your memberships in B-CITI, without having to show up in person
  • Use your card with optical readers, such as the library’s self-service kiosks
  • View the activities of the members linked to your account
  • Consolidate and get easier access to certain municipal services online.

If all your family members have a B-CITI account linked to a resident’s card, you can group all the digital cards together and use them from the same mobile device. This feature will allow you to avoid having to carry around several cards or losing them.

Mandatory approval of a new minor account
When you apply to add a new child account, you must go in person to a service counter with a proof of residence for yourself (health insurance card, driver’s licence, etc.) and a document proving your relationship to the child (birth certificate, hospital card or school report card). The clerk will then activate the family link.

How do I obtain a digital resident’s card?

1. I have my laminated resident’s card (even if it has expired)

Create a B-CITI account or log in to your B-CITI account, then link your resident’s card to your account.

2. I don’t have a resident’s card

Create a B-CITI account or log in to your B-CITI account and then apply for a resident’s card. You will then have to come to the recreation centre or the library with a piece of identification and a proof of residence.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Come to the recreation centre or the library. A staff member will be able to print a resident’s card for you. Like the digital card, it will contain your name, membership number, a bar code and your memberships, including their expiry dates.


To help you complete certain tasks, here are some step-by-step procedures to follow:

Not receiving mobile notifications even though you signed up? Make sure your app is open in your phone.

Mobile devices

Download the B-CITI smartphone app for free by clicking on one of the following links. We’re sure you’ll soon find that this app becomes an essential tool!

The B-CITI app is not yet available for tablets. For the time being, if you want to log in from this type of device, you’ll have to do so via the B-CITI online platform.


If you need help, feel free to drop by the recreation centre or the library. A staff member will be happy to assist you as you discover B-CITI.